The Person Behind The Persona:

"Angye" Was Born From Angela Marie...

A Divergent Thinker And Life Strategist

(previous) "hypervigilance" because I live in a corporal world inhabited mostly by the "Untruthful". The very few who have had the (mis)fortune of being my close associates will describe me as "beyond genuis" on the IQ charts, "pompous and haughty" because I'm an heiress to a French Marquis' land grant, "loving, charitable, generous" because I do delight in giving, "always learning and easily bored," because my interests never end, "pondering life's mysteries", "raw, irritible, and bitter" because PMS and HORMONES ARE BAD, "strong", "stubborn", "independent", "demanding", "eccentric", "socially aloof", "subversive", "dangerous", and my all-time favorite: "blonde".

I prefer to summarize my attitude as

"intentionally different"...

... a "wayward gypsy" of sorts.

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